About Us

A history of giving is the heart of our Heritage

In 1987, a group of Hilton Head residents created the Heritage Classic Foundation to secure the future of the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing. They did that and more: They turned it into a charitable foundation to enrich the quality of life in South Carolina through matching funds generated by the PGA TOUR event. The results launched a legacy of giving.

Since the Foundation came into existence, we’ve raised and donated $52.9 million to local charities. And through the contributions of many, for the betterment of the region, we’re still going strong as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Why we do what we do

Working together to elevate the long-term economic, social and cultural life of South Carolina.

Dedicated to hosting a world-class PGA TOUR event to raise funds for educational and charitable initiatives, enhancing the quality of life in South Carolina.

Philanthropy, made possible by the contributions of many, ensures a thriving community.

To inspire the people in our region to elevate the long-term economic, social and cultural life in South Carolina.

Putting our vision into action, Heritage Classic Foundation directs our resources to the following pillars of a healthy community: children’s programs, scholarships, health and welfare, arts and culture, environmental causes, education.


Officers and Executive Committee Members
J. Simon Fraser, Chairman
Terry A. Finger, Vice Chairman, Governance Chairman
William G. Miles, Secretary
Richard P. Reichel, Treasurer
Stephen J. Wilmot, President/Tournament Director
Steven P. Birdwell, The Sea Pines Resort
Donald F. Calhoon, Long Range Planning Chairman
Cary C. Corbitt, Charity Chairman
Chris Corkern, Plaid Partner Chairman
Tricia Lynch, Pro-Am Co-Chairman
Michael Manesiotis, Volunteer Chairman
Jeff Reilley, Pro-Am Co-Chairman
Scott H. Richardson, Scholar Chairman
Doug Smith, Palmetto State Initiatives Chairman

Marc Grant
Al Kennickell
Pamela P. Lackey
Ann McBrien
Charles Rountree III
Lisa B. Sulka

Honorary Trustees
Matthew T. Goodwin
William H. Goodwin Jr.
Duane N. Parrish
The Honorable Alan Perry

Trustees Emeritus
Charles H. Brown (1987-2017)
James J. Chaffin Jr.
Angus F. Cotton (1987-2016)
John Curry (1987-2008)
Cartha D. (Deke) Deloach (1987-2013)
Edward B. Dowaschinski
Charles E. Fraser (1987-2002)
Joseph B. Fraser Jr. (1987-2014)
Norman P. Harberger (1987-2023)
Ward Kirby (1987-2021)
Thomas D. Reilley Jr.
William Mathews (Mat) Self
Stanley R. Smith
John H. Zimmerman (1987-2020)

John Farrell