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Heritage Classic Foundation Giving Programs
This page is intended to assist charities who wish to participate in the Heritage Classic Foundation’s (HCF) Charitable Giving Programs. These programs were designed to enhance charitable giving in communities within South Carolina and Chatham County, GA.

Because of the success of the program this year’s giving programs will receive a 15% match.

Included below is an explanation of the guidelines and procedures regarding these programs. Also included are tabs to marketing materials, a registered charity log in and a charity registration form. Note:  When downloading the marketing materials please be sure to use the extract feature before opening the documents. For more information on these programs please see the tab on this website entitled Donate Now!

The following guidelines and procedures shall be followed by Heritage Classic Foundation (HCF) registered charities.

Program Evaluation Period: May 1st – July 1st:

  • During the designated dates, the HCF will recap the past year and make plans for the next charitable giving cycle.
  • All charities, whether or not you are listed as a registered charity must submit an updated registration form during this time period – May 1 – July 1 of each year.
  • No new charities will be added to the registered charity list after July 1st. Charities missing this deadline are asked to apply during the next cycle.
  • The HCF Charities Committee will conduct a review of all of the submissions and notify charities of their eligibility.
  • Once accepted, the charities will be placed on the HCF registered charity list and must participate in the Heritage Champions Fore Charity and/or the Birdies for Charity giving programs. Failure to take part may impact inclusion in the future.
  • The Annual Charities Workshop will be offered in June each year. This workshop is designed to help navigate charities through the changes. Interested charities are encouraged to attend. Please contact Angie Taylor for more information. or call 843.671.2374.

  • Heritage Champions for Charity donations will be accepted year round but not matched until after July 15th of each year.
  • Birdies for Charity pledges will be collected until May 31 of each year. If Birdies for Charity money is received after May 31 the pledge will be sent to the charity without a match.



Important Note: All charities participating in the HCF giving programs are required to notify their donors that no goods, services, memberships will be received in exchange for their donation and no participation fees, tuitions, or dues will be paid by their donation to the designated recipient charity(ies).

Heritage Champions Fore CharityChampions Fore Charity
July 15 – December 15

  • The Heritage Champions Fore Charity program will operate from July 15 – December 15. Donations made outside of this time frame will be sent to the designated charity however, the match will not occur until after July 15.
  • Donations will be processed within 30 business days.
  • All checks must be made out to the Heritage Classic Foundation. Checks made out directly to the charity will be returned to the designated charity to contact the donor.
  • It is preferred that contributions are made online. A link is available on the Donate Now page.
  • If a donation is made through the mail, ALL donations must be accompanied by a completed HCF Form. Failure to do so will result in a delay in processing the donation.

Birdies For CharityBirdies for Charity
January 1 – March 31

  • The Birdies for Charity program begins on January 1 and runs through March 31.
  • All pledges must be made online. A link is available on the Donate Now page. Donors must have a valid email address.
  • If a donor wishes to make a donation and does not have a valid email address they will be asked to contact the charity directly for assistance. Charities will be responsible for inputting the information for the donor.
  • No pledges forms will be processed by the HCF office and if received will be sent to the charity to administer.
  • All pledges must be received by March 31st. The Birdies for Charity website will close on that date.
  • All payments must be received no later than May 31. Payment received after that date will be accepted but not matched.
  • All checks must be made out to the Heritage Classic Foundation. Checks made out directly to the charity will be returned to the designated charity to contact the donor.
  • Donation Limits
  • The minimum flat donation is $25.
  • The minimum per birdie pledge $.01.
  • A maximum per birdie pledge is $1.00.
  • The maximum flat donation is $1,500.
  • **It is recommended charities direct donors interested in making donations greater than $1,000 to the Heritage Champions Fore Charity giving program.


HCF will match the first $150,000 from registered charities per cycle. Total donor contributions to any one charity may exceed this limit however, the HCF will only match the first $150,000.

Heritage Champions Fore Charity

  • The minimum donation to this program is $1,000.
  • Donations up to $5,000 will receive a match.
  • Individuals, businesses or other entities may make contributions in excess of $5,000 however, the HCF will only match up to $5,000.
  • Participants may designate a maximum of two registered charities for each $1,000 donation. For example, Charity A may receive $900 and Charity B may receive $100.

Birdies for Charity

  • The maximum amount any donor can give to any one charity in the given cycle is $1,500.


Qualifying Rules for Registered HCF Charities

  • Charitable contributions must be made to a standalone 501(C)(3) with a federal tax ID number. Charities operating under another charity’s status are not included. No exceptions. Charities must be registered with the S.C. Secretary of State’s office.
  • All business addresses must be in South Carolina or Chatham County accompanied by a 501(C)(3) approval document. No exceptions.
  • No National Organizations will be eligible to participate. The HCF believes the matching money should be utilized within South Carolina and Chatham County.
  • No “pass thru” type foundations will be accepted. Our policy is for our Charities Committee to determine which charities should receive the matching funds.
  • No churches or synagogues will be approved with the exception of building programs for educational purposes. The match limit to these programs is a one time limit to first $25,000 raised.

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