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What is the Heritage Classic Foundation? 

The Heritage Classic Foundation (HCF), founded in 1987, is the General Tournament Sponsor of South Carolina’s only annual PGA TOUR golf tournament, the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, and has distributed more than $43 million to charities throughout South Carolina and Georgia.  The mission of the Heritage Classic Foundation is to provide the highest quality PGA TOUR golf tournament that generates significant economic impact and promotion for the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton area, the Coastal Empire and the State of South Carolina while generating funds for local charitable causes that enhance the quality of life of all.

Tell us about the Heritage Classic Foundation Giving Programs.

The HCF offers charities located within the State of South Carolina and Chatham County, GA an opportunity to participate in our annual Charitable Giving Programs. These programs are designed to enhance charitable giving.  The HCF will include a match for each donation made to the HCF and designated to one of our Registered Charities.


Birdies for Charity

This program operates from  January 1 thru the last day of our tournament.

It is a no cost opportunity for charities to connect with donors. Like a walk-a-thon, donors follow the RBC Heritage and make a pledge for every birdie made during tournament week. 100% of the funds raised are returned to charity along with a match from the HCF.

Pledges accepted from January 1st – April 19th.

Donors may pay in advance with a flat donation or be billed after the tournament.

Donations should be made online.

All donations must be payable to the HCF.

Minimum per birdie pledge is $.01 or a $25.00 flat donation.  The maximum per birdie pledge is $1.00 or a flat donation of $1,500.

Champions Fore Charity

A no cost opportunity to connect year-round with donors giving a minimum of $1,000 to your charity.  100% of the funds raised are returned to the charity along with a match from the HCF.

Donations are accepted and matched year-round from January 1st to December 1st. Donations must be postmarked by December 1st to be credited to the current year.  All donations received after December 1st will be credited to the following year.

Donations should be made online.

All donations must be payable to the HCF.

The minimum donation is $1,000.  The maximum donation is $10,000 per person per charity.


How do we become a Registered Charity?

Charities with offices located within the designated areas which serve their communities may apply to become a HCF Registered Charity by contacting Tom Wilkinson at or by calling 843.671.5755.

All business addresses must be in SC or Chatham County, GA and a copy of the charity’s 501(c)(3) determination letter along with a signed copy of a W-9 be submitted with its application.

Charities must be a stand-alone 501(c)(3) charity currently registered with the SC Secretary of State’s office, and cannot be operating under another charity’s tax exempt status. National Organizations may be considered if they have an office in SC or GA and the donated funds are used solely in SC or GA.

No “pass” thru type organizations, such as the United Way, will be accepted.

Each approved charity will be required to participate in one or more of the HCF giving programs.

No religious institution will be eligible except if the funds will be used for a building program for educational purposes, and only then for one-time, one-year opportunity to raise funds.

When can we apply to become a Registered Charity?

The open registration period to be considered as a Registered Charity is from May 1st – July 1st each year. Those who missed applying during this period must apply the following year. The HCF reserves all rights to accept or deny a charity’s application. For more information, or to apply, please contact Tom Wilkinson at or call 843.671.5755.

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